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In The Begining

For to long I was sitting around the office getting calls for our customers asking, Who would you recommend for this? and Who would you recommend for that? Hence came the creation of RDS247. There are to many Remote Desktop Services that offer Saas (Sofware as a service) and RDC (Remote Desktop Connestions) that have a good network. I felt bad when people would come back to me and say "Wow they are slow" or "Man their customer service is awful".

Our company mission is to create the best quality Remote Desktop Services available on the planet. We strive to meet our never down guarantee

So what we did was come at this problem from a differnet angle. We put togeather a Gamer, an Accountant and ISP.

The Gamer brought to the table the latest and greatest speed and performance that there is to offer. The Accountant brought the best rates and pricing for each type of user. The ISP brought the knoweledge and the know how of 99.9999% uptime and support. Providing you with the best network, performance and support that money can buy.

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Our Premises

Our facilitys have the latest Cisco backbone with oc-192 (10 Gigabit) connections to the world’s largest backbone providers. Our Network Operations Center is manned 24 hours a day 7 days a week. With full SAS 70 and

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