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Picking the right package is simple. When you SignUp for our solution you select what applications you want to use. If at any point you want to add another software to your package you can either install on your Virtual Machine or if you have multiple users, the back office allows the admin to deploy software out to their users desktops. We are always testing adding deployment packages for companies and their users. The Virtual desktop Suite, the Administrator can choose if they want to allow their users to be able to install programs and applications or if the administrator has to choose the application. Also File history is kept for every user on the system. So if you loose a document no worries you can pull it up from the file history system.

Wish To Request An Application?

If you are a Virtual Desktop client it is a simple process to add an application to your system. You are able to install an application that you need. If you are on the Remote Application program, send us the application that you would like to add to your Interface. We will load it in our test environment and see if there are any conflicts.

Wish To Upgrade An Application?

We are always trying the latest applications in our test environment. Upgrading a current application in the system is a cinch. Goto your control panel and choose upgrade if it is available. If the new version is not available please let us know and we will work with you to get it in there. If you want to join the Beta Application List go here to apply, or send us an email.

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